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Meet Cristina Alvarez, your fabulous instructor!


Cristina has been a counselor in the Dade County school system for over fifteen years after working as a therapist for children in foster care.  Her experience with children promoted an even greater sense of empathy and understanding of what every heart needs to thrive.  Her psychology background readily connects her with the ability to foster an individual's mind, body, and soul.


Instruction comes naturally to Cristina for both children and adults.  Through aromatherapy, psychological insights, and yoga, your instructor can help you develop your intentions and reach your physical goals, whether pertaining to emotional or physical health.


Cristina has practiced for over six years and is certified in Yoga, and SEL (Social and Emotional Learning), additionally she holds certification in Flexibility Coach Training, and Breathing Coach Training.  She conducts weekly children's classes as well as private lessons.  Her experience and knowledge allow her to entirely focus on the individual and practice at hand.  Cristina's patience and understanding create a nurturing, supportive, and healing environment every student seeks.  Through adjustments, conversations, and observations, she can modify each pose to create the ultimate yoga practice filled with exercise, breath, relaxation, and a proper release.


One session with Cristina will show you the meaning of Heart to Hearts; she puts her heart into everything she does, including guiding you through each practice and pose.  Heart to Hearts is open and ready to receive you. 


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