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Benefits of Yoga


The practice of yoga was developed in Northern India over 5,000 years ago to train the body and harness the power of breath to create mindfulness, self-awareness, and higher consciousness.  Yoga is a powerful tool that creates a poetic harmony between the mind, body, and soul.


Yoga is scientifically proven to benefit your body.  According to Johns Hopkins, even one class for a beginner can promote relaxation.  Overall, yoga offers mental and physical benefits for students of all ages and abilities.  Regular practice is often considered a part of a comprehensive health plan to encourage healing for individuals recovering from surgery, illness, or chronic conditions.  In fact, the American College of Physicians encourages yoga for individuals suffering from chronic lower back pain.  Yoga has also been proven to minimize discomfort associated with swollen and tender joints, particularly those found in arthritis patients.  Working with a certified yoga instructor ensures optimal recovery and balance from all of these fore-mentioned conditions.


Yoga is also critical for practitioners seeking to improve their balance, strength, and flexibility.  The slower pace of movement combined with deep breathing increases blood flow while building muscle.  Regular practice helps to reduce inflammation, decrease stress, and lower blood pressure, all contributing to a healthier heart!  Yoga is a healing practice that promotes relaxation, better sleep, increased energy, and brighter moods.


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